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About Us

Ambassadors for Christ International School (AfCIS) is a Christian School located in the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality of the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana. AFCIS exists to teach kids how to think responsibly. Response. Ability. Responsibility is the “ability” to “respond,” not react. To take responsibility is to take ownership of the need to take right action.

At AFCIS, we commit ourselves to Jesus, bearing witness, not false witness, of the Truth of Who God is. Truth accords with reality. Truth is the structure of love. That is why the Scriptures say that Jesus is the Truth, and God is love. Truth and love cohere. In order to teach students coherently, we teach them how to be honest enough to love. Responsible thinking is loving. It takes into account the truth of every subject in and beyond the curriculum.


To see students convert their learning into giving their all to God


To teach kids how to think responsibly


Our Core Values


At AFCIS, we strive to adhere to the Bible & allow Jesus Christ to take prominence in all our activities (1 John 2:5)


At AFCIS, we help students to identify their personal gifts and how to utilize them in act of service to God (Mark 12:30


At AFCIS, we strive to excel in all things we do through the transformational power of Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:17)

Christian Family

At AFCIS, we create a supportive environment not only for learners but unite parents and guardians as one Christian family. (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)

Sponsor a Child!

At Ambassadors for Christ International School, we believe every child must be given equal access removing financial barriers to education. Our partnership with the church and individuals means underprivileged children from poor families would have a good education to forge a bright future. 

Phone:  +233 242842833        Email:   afcisghana@gmail.com